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Increase product exposure and sales with LubeKart.

The  sales  scene  is  changing  with  the arrival  of  mobile technology and  it  is transforming in to an entirely new digital experience where orders are generated without requiring paperwork or having to leave your home or office.

We can help. LubeKart is subscription-based catalog service tailored to the needs of the petroleum marketing industry. A subscription to LubeKart provides you and your clients with a customizable database of products without the hassle of maintaining your own site. Our master database of petroleum products comes with descriptive text, images, and links to Product and Safety Data Sheets, or other marketing material. Our catalog supports multiple package configurations under a master product and is consistently maintained to ensure access to the most up-to-date information.

For pricing and additional information, go to the LubeKart FAQ’s page.

LubeKart Features

SAAS Model Application

This is a subscription model catalog (SAAS) for lubricant marketers that allows your clients to directly order products from you using a customizable online catalog.

Access Via Any Device

The application is designed to be cross-platform compatible, and can be used on a PC, tablet, or phone.

Scalable To Your Needs

Provides support for jobbers who carry single or multiple product lines and can be filtered by brand and product type.

Easy Synchronization

The catalog can synchronize with your back-office software and Viewfuel, or can be run as an independent catalog via various connection options.

Order Submission

Orders can be built and submitted directly by clients, or through an account representative.

Live Chat

Live Chat option provides clients with instant access to an account representative

Marketing and Promotions

LubeKart can also be use as a way to extend your marketing. It allows you to add your own banners for coupons, promotions or anything you would like to advertise to your customers. Banners can be set to display for a certain amount of time and can be easily rotated or changed.

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