Rebate Validation

The current rebate process is cumbersome and resource-intensive for both the consumer and the repair shop.

Sidekick360’s Rebate Validation instantly matches rebate criteria with consumer purchases and provides electronic invoice verification.

Incentive Tracking

Spiff programs are used by distributors and manufacturers to motivate sales associates at the retail store.

Spiffs are an effective way to boost sales, but tedious to administer and track. Sidekick360’s Spiff Tracking is easy to set up and automatically tracks sales retail associate results automatically every day.

Market Reporting

Jobber and distributor sales reporting is typically limited to “sell in” and lacks transparency on repair shop consumer sales.

Sidekick360 provides detailed sales information down to SKU level on all services sold by repair shops as well as end-consumer validation.

Consumer Marketing

Manufacturers co-op local advertising or provide marketing support on behalf of the repair shops, but these programs lack insight.

Sidekick360 provides consumer visit information as well as missed opportunity reporting that can be used to track campaigns and improve campaign analytics.

Do More Business With Auto Repair Shops

Partner With Senita Solutions

Never Ask a Shop Owner “How’s Business” again – Equip your Salesforce with Sidekick360’s Business Intelligence tool.

Provide your Auto Repair Shops with Sidekick360’s Digital Sales Accelerator Platform proven to generate more maintenance sales.

Sidekick360’s cloud-based reporting can provide jobbers with retail sales transparency through to the end consumer.

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