Weekly Synopsis



ll be gone tomorrow so I decided to do the weekly email early.

The holiday schedule for next week will be: half da=
y on the 24th and office will be closed on the 25th. =
We will resume to normal business hours on the 26th.


7;s what else is going on next week:



Shellie – Out tomorrow and will also be gone on th=
e 26th and 27th

ff – Will be out all of next week

Geo – Off on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Allen – Off on Friday




No upgrades =
scheduled next week



ng and Training

Fronk &#8=
211;Penni encountered another issue while testing. Allen – Please wor=
k with Penni and Dan to get this resolved.

WSO – Susan is finishing up the testing on OE. =

Silvas Oil – Cindy has been in contac=
t with Daren and it appears they still have some testing to complete. =

J.N Abbott – Has agreed to upgr=
ade and will also be buying a server at the beginning of next year. (No new=

Golden Gate Bay –=
Spoke to John Bailey and he wants to focus on their Linux upgrade at the b=
eginning of next year. (No new updates)

Nickey Petroleum – Cindy is done testing and is waiting to hea=
r back from Leah to begin scheduling their training. (No new updates)

Hunt – has agreed to buy a serve=
r. (No new updates)

Maui –M=
aui and Akana have begun testing. Cindy has been working with them to help =
get this completed.  (No new updates)

Senter  – Allen and Penni are still working on resolving CL =
issues.  (No new updates)

– Called Rod to find out about their upgrade plans but he was =
unavailable. Will try again next week. (No new updates)

Lakeview – Have tested somewhat but seem to be=
waiting on Fuelman to be tested and proven. (No new updates)

Ramos – Cindy is almost done with 2.0 Ne=
xt month testing. Waiting on Bug 1013 to be resolved. (No new updates)=



Have a great weekend.