Leader In Developing Software for the Petroleum Marketing Industry Senita Solutions has years of experience developing software for petroleum Jobbers,
and serving the technical needs of the petroleum marketing industry.
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Increase Sales with LubeKart LubeKart is customizable online product catalog that allows you to display your products and product information. Customer can view your inventory and place orders. Learn More Empower Your Customers by Offering Octane Connect Octane Connect is a customer portal designed around the various demands of the petroleum marketing industry. It provides reports and other tools not often found in customer portals. Learn More

About Senita Solutions

Senita Solutions, now proudly operating as a subsidiary under the esteemed Green Planet Group, has long been a trailblazer in crafting software tailored for the petroleum industry. Our expertise has consistently catered to the technical demands of petroleum jobbers, facilitating enhanced accounting solutions and fostering robust customer relationships through premier web applications.
As we evolve within the dynamic landscape of the petroleum sector, our commitment remains steadfast: to elevate businesses by infusing mobility and flexibility into their operations. The integration into the Green Planet Group ecosystem heralds an exciting chapter for Senita Solutions. This strategic move enables us to expand our software development capabilities, aligning with the broader vision of Green Planet Group and contributing to the software requirements of their unique product portfolio.

At Senita Solutions, we recognize the pivotal role of exemplary customer service in fostering enduring partnerships. Our unwavering dedication to nurturing client relationships remains paramount. Equipped with the expertise and resources of Green Planet Group, we are poised to deliver unparalleled training and support, empowering businesses to forge ahead confidently into the future.

Petroleum Marketer Tools

By combining the features of many popular programs on the market, we provide you an all-in-one solution with our tools.

Software Development

We can interface with existing applications or build custom software. Our team has several years of industry experience.

Dynamic Solutions

We offer dynamic solutions. The custom software or applications we develop are tailored to the needs of clients.

Our Products

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Increase Product Exposure With


LubeKart allows companies in the petroleum distribution industry to display the products they carry. Users can then view their inventory and place orders online.

With direct access to your products, sales reps and customers can now quickly and easily place their orders.

Eliminate unnecessary back and forth communication & human error caused by the traditional ordering process.

Our technicians maintain your customizable product catalog, and integration with existing backend software.

Empower Your Staff and Customers With

Octane Connect

It’s designed around the various demands of the petroleum marketing industry providing reports, exports, and other tools not often found in other customer portals.


Cloud Based Portal

Octane Connect is cloud-based so your customers can access their accounts anywhere, anytime.


Account Management

Octane Connect offers tools to track, view, and download account activity.


Cardlock Management

Octane Connect has the tools you need to manage your cardlock activity.

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