Cloud-Based Platform

The Octane Platform can be used for both your business and your customers. Customers will have access to all the tools needed to manage their information and transactions. They can view their account activity, make payments, and browse your products. Here are some other things they can do:

  • View fuel card information and transactions
  • Get reports
  • Place orders
  • Download Documents

Our tools not only make work easier for your customers but also provide them a sense of flexibility. Tools make it more likely for your customers to return to do business. They also increase your customer service score. Taking advantage of these new tools helps improve the overall experience. It also ensures you have access to the latest technology available.

The applications we provide are customizable. Customers can change the view and their dashboards so they have the items they need upfront.

Account Activity

View invoices, payments, credit memos, or export data to Excel.

Fuel Cards

Manage fuel cards. Download card lists, request new cards, or modify existing ones.


View and export your sales/purchase activity. Keep track of latest purchases or view sales history.


Several predefined cardlock reports are accessible, such as the IFTA report.

Connect With Your Customers

Octane Connect is a self-service customer portal that maps to the accounting systems of our clients. It’s designed around the various demands of the petroleum marketing industry providing reports, exports, and other tools not often found in other customer portals. 

We understand that every company is different which is why we’ve designed Octane Connect to be as flexible as possible.

Enhance Your Customer Service Experience

Improve your company’s customer service performance by using a simple front-end portal solution. Extend your options by promoting a self-service portal that will help your customers manage their accounts, and allow them to focus on what’s important.

Discover Possibilities

Octane Connect is designed to work with any system that provides database connectivity.

Feature Management

Features can be enable/disabled to meet company or customer requirements.

Customer Service

We offer great customer service and here to help with any questions or issues.


Requires minimal setup. No software installation required.

Differentiate your company from the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our products.