PRX Updates

Team –


ome general news to share, so we’re all in the loop:


We have committed to t=
he venue and date for our fall seminar.  We’ll be holding  =
court on 5th Street in Tempe in the Don Cassano Community Room, =
over the Transportation Center, which is very close to Sun Devil Stadium.&n=
bsp; The venue has 3 hotels within walking distance, and sits at a Light Ra=
il stop, which could allow those staying in hotels along that line to atten=
d without need of a car.  It’s structured so we can cater in foo=
d, bring in our own, or just turn everyone lose into Downtown Tempe.


2)      Dates are the 19th and 20th of=
October.  Don’t plan to take vacations then, as we’ll nee=
d all staff on board.  We’ll announce dates to clients soon, and=
refine the exact agenda later.


3)      Julia Belvin, =
our marketing person, will be travelling west to meet with us once more aro=
und June 18th before embarking on a week-long trip with Mark Vag=
nozzi to visit about 30 petroleum jobbers in California.  Some will be=
our clients; most will not.  The point is to give Julia exposure to p=
rospective clients and to start collecting strategic intelligence we’=
ll need to start selling systems in earnest.


4)      W=
e are looking to rebrand our image somewhat.  “Petroleum Rx&#822=
1; is fine as a company name, but calling our product “PDS” whe=
n pursuing new clients is thought to carry too much baggage, a kind of ghos=
t from the past.  In the short run, we can start referring to our &#82=
20;PRX software” or the “PRX system”.  What would be=
nicer is to coin a better name for our software product and start building=
up the brand image for that in sync with our efforts to make that a multi-=
platform product.  For example, Summit Software use to sell the &#8220=
;Petrolac” system.  Raise your hand if you get any brainstorms o=
f a cool product name we can all rally around.


If you have any questions or have =
ideas you would like to share, please send those over.


Thank you,