I need y=
our assistance testing the new DataViewer program. Due to the issues we&#82=
17;ve had with DataPipe this new tool will eventually be replacing DataPipe=
in the future. The cool thing about it is that it runs independently of Ad=
obe Reader and also offers new features such as:


·        =
History feature – the user can go bac=
k and view last 30 documents

·     &nbsp=
Tabs – You can have more=
than one item open at a time

·     &nbs=
Desktop Icon (FineLine PC Dat=
aView) – Allows you to launch the viewer directly from your desktop


Install the viewer by going to the following link:


Select the icon titled “FineLine PC DataView” an=
d follow the prompts to install.


Once it’s installed it will creat=
e two icons on your desktop:

·     &nbsp=
DataView Tray – This sta=
rts the program and runs in background

ddot;    &=
Fineline PC DataView=
– Launches the program.


For testing – Go to the pdslnx serv=
er and run through different scenarios in which you would use the “vi=
ew” option; MAP and WEB features should also work with this new tool.=


Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.


Thank you,